Volunteers are the life blood of our sport and continue to allow us to do what we love. Each year, our family of volunteers return and we commit to hard work, having fun and a pride in our contribution to the sport.

We are always on the lookout for more passionate individuals to join our family! You don't require any experience to perform most of our positions.

All volunteers are required to register prior to the commencement of the season to ensure you are kept up to date with key information.

Volunteer Registration

If this has not changed from the 2022 season, please leave blank.
Please select your preferred team. Due to availability or experience you may not receive your preferred team however we will make every attempt to match you with your preferences. Positions that have (*) express that training, experience or specific licenses will be required.
A complimentary volunteer shirt will be provided and must be worn to all race meetings when volunteering.
The wellbeing of our volunteers is paramount, please include any relevant information we may need to be aware of; medical conditions, allergies and at the minimum net of kin information with name and mobile number.
Standard process is that you will receive a text message the week of each race meeting to confirm if you are available. If there is something specific ahead of time we need to be aware of such as (only chariots, cant do fridays etc.) please note here.