Ostojic Chariots of Thunder heads to Clayperview FREE.

The Ostojic Chariots of Thunder Sprintcar Series is coming to Clay-Per-View this year whilst remaining free with no sign up required for the entire Speedway community. Over the last five years, the beloved Top End Sprintcar show has brought fans together across the nation with its free live stream via Facebook and showcased the Territory Tough racing at Northline Speedway against the beautiful Darwin dry season weather. Now, joining forces with the well establishing streaming platform Clay-Per-View, racing fans will experience four nights of top end racing action.  

Vice President of Northline Speedway, Jacalin Ekins said “We are extremely pleased to be working with the team at Clay-Per-View to bring a high-quality broadcast at a time of low Speedway content in our Southern states and remaining our focus on providing free Speedway action to the nation.” 

Clay-Per-View’s manager Jarred Ash remarked “We are so excited to broadcast the Ostojic Chariots of Thunder on our platform this season. Relaunching in a big way last season, with an industry leading website and app, it is a perfect fit for our brand to host the free coverage. The team at Northline Speedway shares the same forward-thinking attitude and vision for promotion of the sport as Clay-Per-View. Our platform will allow greater freedom for the local production company, as well as a higher quality stream and the ability to watch via App on your phone or Smart TV completely free for Northline’s events with no sign up required. We can’t wait!” 

The partnership between the two Northern Speedway tracks is said to only be the beginning Jacalin explains, “We both have a great vision for the sport and are keen to explore future opportunities that bring a level of professionalism and profile to Speedway. We are already discussing what a larger scale partnership could look like and excited for what’s to come.” 

“There’s no question that the Northline team run the number one speedway carnival in the country.  By joining forces with them and leveraging their experience and event knowledge, it gives both tracks the potential to do some very exciting things into the future that will only benefit competitors and spectators which will be a big win for speedway in Australia.”  Toowoomba Speedway Events Manager Ryan Harris added. 

The team at Northline Speedway and Clayperview will also be streaming the three club meetings prior to the Ostojic Chariots of Thunder free. 

Both the prelude club shows to the Ostojic Chariots of Thunder and Series will be available for free at https://www.clayperview.com/browse to all subscribers and non-subscribers.