A membership with Northline Speedway is the best way to unlock the most value, whether you are an avid racing fan or an occasional visitor, you won't regret it.

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We can’t say enough on how great the Platinum Membership worked for us.

We had not been members of the club previously but decided [we would for this year], specifically around the benefits to enter early into the Chariots as long as the red zone area was managed well would be worth it. For us it was managed well-on both weekends.  We were probably the 4th lot of Platinum ticket holders in the line on both weekends, so when allowed in we easily made our way to the Red Zone (5th grassed tier) set up our chairs, had a beer & a chat with other Platinum ticket holders on the 4th Tier.

Again for us the Platinum Membership has been one of our better investments. If the committee thinks the Platinum Membership has been a success, as we do and implements it for next year, we will more than happy to part with some dollars to purchase again.

- Platinum Member